2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy #XIV14Days Day 9

  1. Looking through your Final Fantasy screenshots… the game looks so gorgeous! I’m too absorbed with my current MMOs and don’t have much time for gaming overall at the moment, but I keep telling myself I should try this game out one day. I love the amount of detail, the lighting, the looks of the characters… Also, your house full of books is the best (though maybe a bit impractical if you want to read one that’s buried at the bottom). The way characters are sitting seems a bit odd, though. I just tried sitting like yours on the picture above and I definitely don’t recommend it! Haha.

    1. This game is absolutely gorgeus! I have one change happened tho, I’m lalafell now xD
      Been meaning to update blog but I keep forgetting! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!
      Yes she definitely sits weirdly! Gimme a whisper if you ever try out, I can get you refer a friend code with some in game goodies! 🙂
      I used to joggle between WoW, GW2 and FFXIV but nowdays it’s pretty much only FFXIV and then some single player games 🙂

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