Final Fantasy #XIV14Days Day 5

Day 5 and the theme is “Show us your favourite minion!”

Oh my, there are sooooo many cute things in Final Fantasy. Like Heavy Hatchling, Midgardsormr, Coeurl Kitten, Fat Cat, Wind-up Moogle or Wind-up Cid! But I think my absolute favourite is the Doman Magpie. Magpies are my favourite birds and I associate them with strength, happiness and positivity. Especially lately, somewhat year or two ago I saw this Magpie close to my bus stop and it had only one working wing. I didn’t think this that much more until I kept seeing him more and more and how it survived with just one wing. So I gave him a name, Bob (after the Minion :D) and every time I had a bad day or was struggling with anxiety I was just thinking about Bob and how he survived even trough the winter. I haven’t seen him for a while now but I really hope he is ok. 🙂

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  1. For me it’s the little red panda that I got on my daughter’s character. Still haven’t managed to get one on my character yet, though 🙁

    • I’d love to get red panda as well. There are so many amazing pets that I’d love to get and it was really hard to choose 😀

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