More macro pictures

Been a while again. I can’t seem to keep an schedule for writing ^^’
I haven’t really played games much which means there haven’t been that much to write about 😀 I’ve been outside taking pictures. Spring is my 2nd favourite season, nature is waking up and flowers starting to bloom. Makes amazing pictures! But also you start to notice more animals!
I’ve decided to apply for an education for photography, which is why I need to practice even more 😀 The applications opens around December so I have good time to put everything together meanwhile. I need to practice more on my Swedish, mainly speaking and writing. I also need to figure out how to do a portfolio of my photos and which ones to choose. If you have done it or have ideas please comment 🙂
I’ve been also thinking of making separate blog, or subblog, where I could “dump” all my pictures as I take so many pictures and when you can only pic so few for a blog post it’s a bit frustrating 😀

This bunch isn’t just macro pictures, even tho those are what I mainly take nowdays 😀 I just love the closeups. I also love taking pictures of animals, I’m especially proud of the squirrel ones, they look so cute! 😛 also sorry that there are so many of them, just couldn’t choose! 😀

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  1. Jättefina kort!

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