Borås Zoo 1/3

Last Saturday (20.5.2017) we made a trip to Borås Zoo. It’s been a while (4 years!!) since we’ve been there last. They’ve had some changed and they we’re improving some areas, like the elephant pen. This year they had quite many babies, among one is the African Savannah Elephant Cindy (I hope I remembered her name right). She was only 5 weeks old.
As I love taking photos there is huge amount of pictures I’d like to add but I’ve decided that I’m going to separate the images to 3 different posts so that one post won’t have that many pictures. I’m also going to try and schedule these posts so this post should be live on Monday 29.5. Let’s hope it works 🙂

So this first post includes my favourites, Elephants and bears.
Firstly the Elephants, as I wrote above they’re African Savannah Elephants and their conservation status is currently Vulnerable (Threatened) according to IUCN. Greatest threat for them are poachers that just want the ivory but they also suffer from decreasing living space as more and more people migrate/move/keep living close or where they live.
There are many donation programmes that try and help the African Elephants, one of my favourite is WWF African Elephant Programme.
I’ve always loved elephants don’t know where it’s coming from really, maybe from Dumbo or as they are natures gentle giants. My dream is to one day see them in their natural habitat.

Bears in Borås Zoo are Scandinavian Brown Bears. I’ve always respected bears for their size and their nature. They’re mainly solitary with exception of females with cubs. They’re also really cute and fluffy.

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