30 Day Photography Challenge Days 19-26

I failed to finish this challenge in January really bad BUT I’ve been out more and taken more pictures. Not pictures from the daily themes however, which is why I still haven’t completed the challenge! 😀
I did get little further down the list which means I’m almost done! So here is the new bunch from Day 19 to 26

Day 19 Something You Want – I’ve always wanted to have hidden area where I could read books

Day 20 In My Bag – I have usually a lot of crap in my bag: wetwipes, tissues, a book, now Swedish lesson books,, lipbalm, handwarmers and of course my camera 🙂

Day 21 Faceless Self Portrait – Everyone has those days when you just can’t be bothered with adulting 😛

Day 22 Inspirational

Day 23 Patterns – In Gothenburg we have a lot of street kitchens and some of them has unique look 🙂

Day 24 Animal – cats are the best “cats rule dogs drool”

Day 25 Strangers – Strangers and lights from Liseberg last Christmas

Day 26 Close-up

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  1. That last picture is super nice 😀

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