30 Day Photography Challenge

Some time last month I stumbled upon a cool 30 Day Challenge, a Photography Challenge. It’s from a blog called Little Bennet and the actual post is from 2012!
There are millions of different challenges but the themes in this one caught my eye! 🙂
As it’s already 4th of January I’m going to post the past ones all at ones, I might group up the pictures or just post them one by one. Depends on the feel of the day 😀

Here are the themes and my Day 1-3 below. Hope you enjoy!

Day 1 Self portrait

Day 2 What You Wore (I started on 2nd of January which is why I have the same clothing as on Day1 picture :P)

Day 3 Clouds It rained whole yesterday which is why I uploaded this one instead. It’s couple weeks back on early morning 🙂


Day 4 Something Green Bulbasaur <3

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