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30 Day Photography Challenge Days 10-18

Seems like I couldn’t count till 10 on my last post so in this post you can find the day number 10 as well 😀

Here are pictures from days 10 till 18 🙂

Day 10 Childhoodmemory – Adventures of Nils was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid ^_^
Day 11 Something Blue
Day 12 Sunset – So I’ve been missing the sunset for a week now so here’s old picture of my hair that resembles sunset 😀
Day 13 Cannot Live Without – I’m seriously addicted to my phone!
Day 14 Eyes – One of my favourite decoration doesn’t have eyes!
Day 15 Silhouette
Day 16 A Good habit – I Drink tea every day 🙂
Day 17 Technology
Day 18 Your Shoes

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