#IntPiPoMo 2016, Final Fantasy XIV

#IntPiPoMo 2016 41-50

I left these little bit too late, was busy with work and I was hoping to get good weather for  Bob travels pictures (which didn’t work). Overall I’m still quite happy how all these turned out 🙂 I decided to not use any Photoshop on these pictures just so show how amazingly pretty Final Fantasy 14 is! 🙂 For the last 10 pictures, it’s Summer

ffxiv_29112016_102737 ffxiv_29112016_101555 ffxiv_29112016_101543 ffxiv_29112016_100453 ffxiv_29112016_094956 ffxiv_29112016_094746 ffxiv_29112016_094550 ffxiv_29112016_094438 ffxiv_29112016_094357 ffxiv_29112016_104718

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