#IntPiPoMo 2016, Final Fantasy XIV

#IntPiPoMo 2016 11-20

Due to the fact that it’s been raining _every day_ for the past few weeks I’ve been quite unable to take Bob out for sightseeing. He doesn’t really like the rain, his teddy gets wet. I will have to postpone Bob’s adventures to later this winter or till spring/summer when it’s generally nicer weather outside.

So I had to think of an alternative, seasons! This was always my backup plan but I didn’t know how to divide it with 50 pictures. Now I don’t have to as I have 40 pictures left so that is 10 for each season! 🙂
I’ve been playing a lot FFXIV laterly, even tho Legion has been out but I think I’ve kind of burnout from WoW at the moment so taking a small break. Rest of the pictures will be from FFXIV, wish me luck! 🙂

11-20 pictures with theme Autumn

ffxiv_29112016_083656 ffxiv_29112016_083832 ffxiv_29112016_084149 ffxiv_29112016_084226 ffxiv_29112016_084628 ffxiv_29112016_084728 ffxiv_08112016_192115 ffxiv_07112016_084559 ffxiv_29112016_085047 ffxiv_29112016_090040

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