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October news


The time flies, already been 2 months! I’ve had this post as a draft way too long. Also, Legion was released almost 2 months ago so that, among other stuff, has kept me bit busy!ย Work has been busy as usual or maybe even a little bit busier. I had a nasty fever last week and million other reason to procrastinate and not update my blog. As you might have noticed it has a newer look, bit lighter perhaps. I still need to go over those tabs and re-write the About me section. Also on my never ending to do-list I have cleaning my desk, I recently got new organizer for my Bullet Journal crafts stuff.

On my list what I have managed to do is reaching max level with my lovely Druid. Leveling was really slow because I chose to level as Restoration and while Balance affinity is super great, it’s still quite slow to kill all the mobs. Yes, I could have chosen Balance spec anyway and just change specs every time I return a quest but I am too forgetful for that. I really love the artifact quests, they’re so amazingly done and the story behind each thing is nice. It was bit disappointing that some of the stories are quite similar, like Disc Priest and Frost Mage, but I do understand the hard work an it’s not easy to create unique story to all the artifacts. I have seen/done all the artifact quests I wanted to experience myself, like all the Druid ones. It was super horrible of trying to avoid all the story spoilers before the launch and I managed it quite well, only some minor spoilers I saw as I forgot to mute certain words in Twitter.


I am so happy that I did avoid spoilers! I did have beta and now afterwards I should have played in it, next time if I get into beta I will definitely play! Other characters that I’m currently leveling are Shaman and my other Druids, one can never have too many Druids. Shaman started as Resto as well BUT after couple of mob packs I decided I am not going to level as healer. I think only acceptable class to level is Druid I think. I have not played Shaman as Enhancement for ages, last time was probably in Wrath. It’s going to be really interesting and I am enjoying it a lot. That’s pretty much all what I have to update from Warcraft. ๐Ÿ™‚

Audiobooks are back again in my phone. I found this amazing series, Obsidian heart. First book is called Wolves of London, next one is The Society of Blood and third book (which I’m still reading) is called The Wraiths of War. That series, it’s amazing! It is labeled as Science Fiction and Fantasy but it is based more in reality. That is one of the reasons why I think I enjoy it so much, it’s normal dude who just happens to stumble into supernatural thing and it all escalates from there. I highly recommend them, I do need to re-listen them after the third book as I have tendency to drift away while I’m listening a book but after the second listen I will more likely do a book post of all three of them.

I’ve picked up my camera again, Fuji X-M1, I even bought a new macro lens, XF60mm F2.4 R Macro. With normal lens I’ve managed to improve a lot since last time, I’m playing around the settings a lot more. I will have to post some of them here when I can pick less than 10 pictures ๐Ÿ˜€ About the macro lens, I haven’t been able to give it a proper spin because it’s always so dark but I’ve done some indoor toying around with it. So far I’m extremely satisfied with it.
Next week I finally start proper Swedish lessons and I’m working only 50% so I think I have more time in my hands to do proper updates more frequently. That’s all folks for this time, hope you have a nice weekend!



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