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Legion prepatch: last minute leveling

invasionOn my last post about Legion prelaunch patch I was talking about all awesome things we already got. Now with just some hours prior to the launch in EU, I remembered something I noticed when the prelaunch patch hit.
I was doing some last minute leveling and taking advantage of the invasions. The thing I noticed was that the WoW community that has become so secluded lately gathered up and actually were helpful. (Excluding some bricks who were doing the Broken Isle scenario for the 999999th time and wanted to be party poopers). I really think that Blizzard should do these Azeroth wide events bit more often so the community members don’t become hermits so fast 🙂 I think the whole event was such a success. I managed to level up multiple alts and geared up some dusty bigger alts 🙂

Another reason for this post was to “show off” one my now favourite transmogs I did. I did it for my Hunter, I wanted to do a “Legion-themed” transmog, colourwise. So word of the day is Green 😛
Funny thing about the cape, it’s my 1st cape I’m using as a transmog. I’ve always, ever since hide cape was an option, hid my cape. I still prefer no cape transmogs but I’ve learnt that there are some really nice ones 🙂

click for bigger picture

Head: Thelwater’s Steelwoven Eyepatch
Shoulders: Imperfect Specimens 27 and 28
Cape: Demon Commander’s Drape
Chest: Aerodynamic Scaled Vest
Shirt: Lucky Shirt (not really needed)
Gloves: Grips of the Fel Destroyer (I originally had some other gloves but these fit better)
Belt: Girdle of Shattered Stone
Legs: Lightning Well Legguards
Feet: Tsunami Boots (I prefer no boots on my Worge ^^)
Weapon: Hellfury Longbow


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