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Legion prelaunch: World of Wardrobe

HUH! It’s been a while since I last made a blog post, 2 months ago 😮
I’ve been having in a kind of writer’s block. Didn’t know what to write and then suddenly had multiple ideas but no time and yeah.

So, legion prelaunch patch finally hit couple of weeks ago. People, myself included, who preordered,  Legion had early access for Demon Hunter. And let me tell you if I wouldn’t have already sold my soul to Cenarius I would have a new main. The playstyle of that class is really nice. I won’t talk too much about it as everyone doesn’t have access to them yet 🙂

Patch also brought some well needed changes to the classes. To me they’ve made the classes a lot more simpler, which is nice but it also might have a downside, we’ll see about how things go in Legion. They also introduced (about time) the transmog tab! I was so excited when they announced it at last BlizzCon and I wasn’t disappointed. They also added a achievement for the new appearances. When I logged in all my classes I was only missing couple of shirts ^_^’ When you’ve gathered all of the achievements it granted you “the Fabulous” title 🙂


Designing a transmog is so much easier now that you can see what you have and don’t have and then where to get them (well at least kind of :D). Here are some of my new transmogs (will do a proper post bit later of them). As you  can see I picked up my Monk again. The changes to the healing were really nice (yes there are people who are not fan of them) but to me it’s a lot easier to understand how everything works 🙂

click for bigger picture

I also have even greater news! Everyone knows the most amazing mount Blizzard has added ingame, I’m of course talking about the Grove Warden, The Great Amazing Moose!
People been selling the mount runs but I was lucky enough to have a such amazing guild who helped my ungeared ass to get the mount 🙂 <3 The Greatest Druid guild, Druids of the Beast, you might have heard of us 😉

(click for bigger picture)

**Spoiler warning if you haven’t played in prepatch**

And last but not least the patch brought us Broken Hearts eh I mean Broken Isles scenario. Oh all those feels. Damn you Blizzard still making me feel for all these digital beings <3
I value my gaming experience how much the game makes me feel. Do I feel hate, disgust, saddness. More emotions, better the game!
With that said, Legion launch is in few days so remember to play nice!forthehorde

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