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Nerdlair improvement

Happy Sunday everyone! Decided to do mini update blogpost!

I’ve always had my computer in mine’s and hubby’s bedroom, but last week our roommate moved out we had a chance to move stuff around a little. First we tried to have it as bedroom, but it didn’t work mainly because I don’t fit in 140cm bed xD I almost kicked hubby out from the bed :’P So backup plan was to have it as my computer room *yay*

It is still a little work in progress, I’m planning on repainting the red wall and I still need to use my nerd touch on the other side of the room where I have wardrobe and such, but it still has some unsorted stuff from roommie. Anyhow here are some progress pictures of my computer and nerdshelf ^^

Here is a link to older blog post that had pictures how it looked before 🙂



IMG_20160612_093025 IMG_20160612_092834 IMG_20160612_092847 IMG_20160612_092900

2 thoughts on “Nerdlair improvement

  1. I’m nerdy enough to recognize all of your toys, but not so nerdy that I decorate my nerdlair … pretty much at all, actually. I have a Darth Vader poster and a Firefly poster, but those were given to me by my wife and by a friend. Without those I wouldn’t have any deco at all. I am just not a decorator…..

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