Diary of a Worgen Days 13 – 30

bedHow do I sleep and how my bed looks like, you ask? Well, I usually curl up in a ball and make sort of a nest for myself so after I wake up the bed is kind of a mess 😀 I love adding all the pillows and duvets and just bury myself in it, feels comforting especially after really long day or if the weather isn’t that nice.  Weather changes? Well I grew up in Azeroth so weather can be bit tricky at times. You can have the burning hot sand in Tanaris or melting lava in Mount Hyjal around Sulfuron Spire. You can have wet surroundings in Vashj’ir. So I’d say I’m quite used to anything nature has to offer for me and I adjust accordingly 🙂

Early bird or a Night owl? Hmm this is quite easy one, I’m definitely more of a night owl. I like staying up late and sleeping in. Work in the Garrison requires me to get up really late and I’ve never been able to get used to it, it’s like nothing good ever happens before 10pm anyway. Am I close with blood relatives or do I consider someone else to be considered as blood relative? As far as I know I don’t have any living blood relatives, but I consider my step-parent, Kim and Leo Caen, to be as close as blood relatives. I also have some really close friends who feel like brothers / sisters to me. Family don’t end with blood, boy!

What my desk is like? Well.. Let’s just say it’s like controlled chaos, see? *shows all the files and papers and quills* Others it seems like you can’t find anything, but to me, I know where everything is at all times. I even know when someone moves my stuff! *smiles awkwardly* Am I a good cook? No, I’m really not! I can work my way around the kitchen, but nothing fancier that some instant noodles and some meat to go with it. Preferred means of travel? I prefer to fly if possible. In my stables, I have many dragons and drakes. Those are my favourites. I do have some favourite land mounts, my belowed direwolves. I’ve raised them from pups.

My fears? I don’t really fear anything, apart from spiders. Well, I don’t really fear fear them. They’re just yucky creepy crawlers.  Which cute mark I would have? Hmm, well, I am familiar with the cutie mark term. It’s those cute ponies right? I think mine would be probably a bear claw because of Druids. I think bears are really interesting, they’re strong and well they sleep every winter *heh* 😛

Time travel and where would I go? Well we already did travel back in time to Draenor! Not really my place and time to pick, but I’ll go where I’m needed. If I would time travel I think I would go back in time to visit Cairne Bloodhoof, obviously I’d have to disguise myself but I think that’d be worth it. He is one of the leaders I didn’t get to meet, but I’ve heard so much of him and I admire him a lot. Am I superstitious? Well, yes and no. I do have few black cats and my favourite number is 13, but I won’t walk under the scaffolding. I also have few extra rabbit paws to bring luck. I personally think they’re better than Lucky-dos. My ideal romantic partner?  Well, I’m already married to this wonderful person who keeps up with all my quirks. I think the most important part is to be able to trust your partner and have similar interests. Laughing (and playing) together is important also!

My hands? Why on earth you’d ask about my hands? Question is a question I guess, well my paws are not small but quite tiny. Itty bitty wolf paws full of furr ^^ Oh favourite time again! Good! My favourite food is kodomeat pizza with extra garlic, but when I’m sad I love nomming on these tiny cupake things. They’re always so nice and colourful so they kinda cheer me up 🙂 I usually can’t between coffee and tea, I think I love both of them as much! 🙂 Nothing is soothing more than sit inside with a good book and cup of tea! <3 My favourite time is around the spring, when it’s warm enough but not too warm like it would be in summer 🙂 One of my outfits is absolutely my favourite, it has these leafy shoulders and leathery top with a nice kilt!

In Azeroth we don’t have that many bands, so picking song have to pick one from Elite Tauren Chieftain  😛 I am Murloc, the song is amazing. I have so many memories of it, when I first heard it I was just really young, our Orphanage leader/boss/mother, Shanai, took us watch them when we were visiting Shattrath City. It was like a schooltrip but with just us from the oprhanage, it was so nice! 🙂 If my life would be a genre? I think my life would be Fantasy Adnveture, as I travel trough Azeroth searching new things and well we do have dragons and all in here 🙂 How do I smell? These odd questions again. *scratches head* Well I don’t like using any perfume, it upsets my animals in my stables. So I guess I smell just me *grin*

Write a letter to myself? Is it like future me or past me or? Oh well let’s give it a try.

Dear Rin,

Remember to buy toilet paper and hay for stables!

Past you

Fancy eyeh? But in all seriousness I’m not much of a writer so I usually just leave bunch of notes to myself.

This post is part of #30DaysofARPil hosted by wonderful Pizzamaid over at Pizzamaid.moe
uestions are originally made by Oslusiadas in Tumblr “30 Days of Character Development”.
You can keep track with my story by clicking the #30DaysofARPil tag.


arpil-badge-rinikeI had a lot of fun writing this, but then I just fell behind because busy work schedule and then questions started piling up. In middle of it I had a creativity block which also delayed answering. Also after few questions it felt easier for me to right the answers from a interview point rather than longer story like I did on earlier posts. I’m never really RPed so the whole thing writing from someone else’s point of view was really new and sometimes bit difficult, but it was fun 🙂 I’m also not much of a writer so sorry for the spelling errors! Also if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! And even bigger thanks to lovely Pizzamaid who organize #ARPil. Now I’m even more determind to get myself ready for the next year! But also I’m super proud of myself that I didn’t give up and I finally wrote something on all the questions (yes a month late, but better late than never!! :P).  

Also there was a surprise for all the participants from talented Miss Ravanel Griffon of Ravalation !! It was a super cute badge for taking part in #ARPil! Thank you, it’s so super cute! <3 From this link you can see all the participants. 🙂

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