Diary of a Worgen Days 9 – 12 Minor catch ups

Rinike5Do I trust anyone?

I do trust people quite easily on some level, one might say I’m pretty gullible. (April 1st anyone?!). On important stuff I tend to be little bit more suspicious and I’d like to hear my facts first.
Once the trust is broken however you won’t get it back. I’m like an Elekk – I never forget. Currently I have gathered a nice circle of trust around me that includes my significant other and few closest friends.

Biggest turning point in my life?

I’d have to say the day I got bitten. It changed my life, and me, completely and threw my life upside down. There are some other big events in my life, but that is the one I consider to be the biggest an most meaningful.

Is there an animal you equate with your you?

*gigglesnort* Well, I’d have to be (sea)lion if I wouldn’t say a Wolf. I kind of do look like one 😛
But in all seriousness, different kind of animals are part of my life as a Druid. I can be strong as a bear, move silently (and nap ;P) like a cat or I can fly high like a raven.

Me and technology?

I am quite good at crafting things together and fixing stuff, but I’m no match for Gnomes (*shudders*) or Goblins.  I also enjoy writing (and receiving) real letters. In my old house at Caen’s I used to have desk where I would write in my diary late at night or write letters. I still have a desk, but nowdays it’s used by to gather dust and Garrison mission reports.

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