Diary of a Worgen day 7-8 erasing memories and picking favourites


My significant other took me to stargazing when we were dating <3

Each and every one of us have been thinking of changing some memories and events from our past. I can admit it I have thought of it, that if I’d erase some of my not so good memories what would happen? I wouldn’t have met the amazing people who are in my life right now, I wouldn’t be this lovable ball of furr, I wouldn’t have this amazing significant other in my life who supports me every way possible. After those thoughts I’m going to say I wouldn’t change my past as I wouldn’t want to change anything that I currently have.

On to a nicer topic, favourites! Everyone has one of something favourite! Like I could say my favourite colour is green and I love cats (like seriously, my Garrison is like a starter pack for Crazy Cat lady *grin*). I read a lot, I’ve earned respect of searching titles in Well Read -list. My favourite book is the Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth. Old gods are so fascinating!

What else favourite, hmm.. OH!! You must have heard the really famous band, Elite Tauren Chieftain (well who hasn’t?! They’d had to live in a cave in Hinterlands :D) They’re 2nd single was called, I am murloc, it is my all time favourite song! *starts humming*

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