Diary of a Worgen day 6 happiest memory

TravelRideI have a lot of amazing and good memories. I think the best memories are created with friends and family. I think I’m blessed in a way to have few super good friends (BFFs if you will :P). We’ve had countless of adventures, good and bad. We’ve organized a party for friend on a deserted farm, we’ve been chilling in Stormwind just because. Without my friends and their support I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

On today’s diary I didn’t want to pick just one, I don’t think I could have. I treasure all my memories and appreciate them differently so it would be hard to choose which would be the “best” 🙂 Instead of picking one I’m gonna show you some of the funniest and greatest moments I’ve had.

This post is part of #30DaysofARPil hosted by wonderful Pizzamaid over at Pizzamaid.moe
uestions are originally made by Oslusiadas in Tumblr “30 Days of Character Development”.
You can keep track with my story by clicking the #30DaysofARPil tag.

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