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Diary of a Worgen day 3 what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Scars are a funny thing. I have plenty of them as I’m a bit clumsy (well to be honest that is understatement but :D) and I tend to bump myself into things and not even noticing them at first. Like few days ago both of my legs from back side were in bruised, yes you can’t really see them from under all the fluffyness, but I was wondering why the are was so sore.

I have a pet owl, Archimedes. He belongs to the great horned owl family, he looks a bit comical with his brown feathers and big white bushy feather eyebrows. I saved him when he was just a owlet. I was on one of my adventures in Teldrassil, to be more specific I was near Gnarlpine hold. I was studying furbolgs, fascinating creatures aren’t they? But yes, I found Archimedes under a tree and seems like he was abandoned so I picked him up and took him with me back to the orphanage. I managed to hide and take care of him for weeks before miss Darkwater noticed. That’s actually a funny thing. I was little late with Archimedes’ dinner and he got hangry and gently “bit” me on my cheek as to remind me that it’s dinner time, so obviously I needed miss Darkwater’s help to get few stitches 😀 But I was allowed to keep Archimedes, boy the other kids were jealous.


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