Diary of a Worgen day 2 mirror mirror on the wall…


My most prominent feature, eh? Hmm you’d think I say something cheesy like me bum huh? Now don’t be mistaken it has nothing wrong, in fact it’s completely perfect little tushy! *giggle snort*
I was thinking more me eyes, they’re dark maple coloured with hint of yellow. They’re even better than they used to (you know, when I was old me). I see so much further and blimey my night vision has improved. No more knocking down mugs from bedside table, stepping on sharp objects or hitting my paws on door frames. It’s amazing, I can see kid searching treasures trough their nostrils. I think my second favourite part in the new me are my ears. They’re not looooong pointy pink ears, but they’re soft and fluffy and the right one is little bit lopsided but I love them none the less. My hearing is better too, I can hear crickets gossiping miles away! Listing away my favourite things reminds me of something else so similar, “my what big ears you have” and so on 😀

But in all fairness, I have to list one more thing. My charming humour! Not many people find me funny, but I have to say when I tell jokes to myself I always find them funny and I can not stop laughing. It is like they say “When you’re with yourself, you’re always in the best company”. I can tell you some of my good ones, here they are:

“I get moody during that time of the month… you know, with the full moon and all.”

“Yes, I’ve tried shaving; it doesn’t work. Trust me.”

and one of my favourite when some tentacle face judged my appearance (like who he is to judge if I have furr everywhere and I smell bacon, he has bloody tentacles growing from his chin)
“At least we don’t sparkle.” – You know like those ‘fake’ vampires in that horrible movie few years back *giggle snort* 😛

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