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Diary of a Worgen day 1 Parents

Before I start, I should probably tell you something about myself.  My name is Rinike, I walk in the shadows following the teachings of Malorne and Cenarius. Protecting the Nature has always been my calling, I am Guardian of Cenarius, I am a Druid. I wasn’t always like this; mysterious, feral, grey fur coated and brown eyed werewolf that I am now.  Rest of Azeroth calls me and my kin Worgens. I once was Child of Elune a pink skinned, pointy eared and white haired Night Elf, child of the Stars. I’ve always been head over heels for travelling and adventuring, I used to get in trouble from it when I was young. This one specific day, quite long time ago, I got into more trouble than I’ve even been. I’ve heard people talking and gossiping around Darnassus market that there was new kingdom, Gilneas, found near Silverpine Forest. So of course I went there to see this new mystical place, everything that happened, still to this day I do not regret my decision. Close to Gilneas border I was ambushed by some Worgens from the Bloodfang clan and I got bitten.

I don’t really remember that well what happened, but I woke up inside the gates of Gilneas. I got nurtured back to health by a old librarian and his wife. They were also Worgens but under the orders of King Genn Greymane. In couple of days I started feeling different kind of illness in me, I felt more untamed so to say. Leo told me that it was the Curse of Worgen. I was scared, I was cursed!? How could this happen to me! Few weeks after that was the full moon, my first transformation and on the same time my last. I’ve learnt so much about my new me and my kind from Leo, he said that some Worgens learn how to connect with their inner humanity and be able to transform back what they once were. I’ve never cared to learn that, I didn’t want to. I decided that this is who I am and I might as well accept it. I love my new fluffy, playful, loyal me. I have grown to be a little bit more aware of other people and seen they don’t treat me the same and who I am to blame them. I look like the big bad wolf from kids story Little Red Riding Hood. I am also faster, stronger and my connection to Nature has only grown. I think I am better Druid than I even could have been as my old self. You say I’m cursed, I say I’m freed from my old self!


So that was a bit about my background. I wanted to explain it so you’d understand a little who I am. I never knew my parents, I don’t know what happened to them. My earliest memory is me playing tag with other Night Elf kids in Darnassus’ orphanage. Shanai Darkwater, who is the head woman of our little orphanage, once told me that they found me under this really tall tree in Teldrassil crying. It seemed like my parents and me were on a hunt and I got separated. No one seemed to be searching me so Shanai raised me as one of her own, without her I’d be probably eaten by a swamp monster.

After my transformation I’ve grown to be very fond of Kim and Leo Caen, the nice old couple who rescued me. Leo’s wife is a writer so they were on their afternoon walk when they saw me lie down in a bush, carried me home and the rest you know. After a while I started to call them my family, my new family, family that I never remember having. Kim and Leo were older and they didn’t have any children so they often called me theirs and I was more than happy with. Since Gilneas is all ruins now, they were forced to move. They live in Howling Fjord, Kim said that she always wanted to travel when she was younger but she didn’t have time so now that they’re old they’re going all out with travelling. They send me new postcard from every new place they’ve been and we get together every month to catch up. We’re a nice little pack.

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