Bitten by WoWbug

Some of you who have me in Bnet might have noticed my increased visits in Azeroth.yep-i-know-that-s-hard-to-do-photo-u1

Yes, I have been bitten by the famous WoWbug. I am trying to get back to playing again (all tho I miss my dragon lady a lot!), maybe even raiding. Well raiding depends more on my work schedule which has been ass for some time now, but hopefully that will change. So in the meanwhile I just have to joggle between FFXIV and WoW. Currently I’ve been activating Garrisons on my alts and just goofing around with mah Druid. I’ve also been planning on gathering my banks and void storage full (well with Rinike it’s been full since for ever) with awesome transmog gear, girl needs to be prepared for Legion 😉

I also updated my Warcraft character lists with new pretty pictures and some more info 🙂
Here are links to dem classes <3 :



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  1. Oh me too! Well timed. 😀 Poke if you wanna do shite together. <3

  2. Lovely pictures!

    My subscription ran out a few weeks ago and I’m keen to get back into it. I’m holding out for a bit longer though, because I ALWAYS do this: I want to play when I can’t, and then when I do have it, I barely log in.

    I do miss my Rogue though. I was having a blast levelling her.

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