The Infamous Rant Post


I kind of made promise to myself not to post this kind of stuff, but I’m just so annoyed with the world right now so I have to let these out before I explode (or implode). People who know me well know that there are some few things that annoy me quite a lot. If I’d be a billionaire or zillionaire I would totally buy a deserted island full of dinosaurs and other cool animals like elephants and kitties. I would allow only handful of people to live there (but not too close) and the food delivery would be like once a week and there would be super fast Internet and no one would have to work. I would be the best dictator ever. Ok so on with the rant, here are some reasons why I hate people and the world.


I HATE LAZY PEOPLE! especially at work, it’s ok to slack a bit if there isn’t stuff to do BUT MAKING OTHER PEOPLE DO YOUR SHIT IS NOT COOL AND YOU SHOULD BE MARINADED IN HOT LEGOS! My work situation is horrible currently, but it should hopefully get better next week with new TeamLeader.


Don’t use hate the people who try to squeeze into public transport while other people are trying to get out. THE BUS/TRAIN/TRAM DOESN’T LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!!


THIS is in any means acceptable and when someone tries to squeeze past the person who has the shopping cart starts huffing and puffing how rude people are. HOW RUDE ARE YOU! Same thing usually happens with at least those 2 stay home moms who have time to chat till the world ends.. NOT COOL!


I have nothing against people who smoke BUT fucking don’t do that in right before you get in to a public transport YOU SMELL FUCKING HORRIBLE and you make rest of us gag/faint


Slow people – I understand elderly and people with walking disabilities BUT “normal” people who take up all the space in stores/sidewalks/parks and it’s usually more than one of them blocking the way.


Here were just some of the annoying this that I can’t stand, some other things are people not picking up their trash / throwing trash around, talking loudly to a phone in a public transport (really I don’t care about your cousin’s sister’s dog’s kid’s ugly mole), people not cleaning after themselves when they make a mess.

Pheeeww, I feel much calmer and relieved now that I was able to write this out and it would be shame not to post it. Thank for reading and I’m sorry for the rant 😀 Here are some GIFs of happy Dean <3

Appreciation-from-manager giphy (1)

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  1. *hugs* Better out than in! 😀

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