Every month is a DatingSimonth

a82aa344598531e6ff20f6f14ee3c7e9This post is sooooo overdue and I’m sorry, past weeks have been quite hellish at work and I’ve been total wreck, stressed and tired. The situation at work is currently so annoying that all I do at home after work is that I stress about things that I shouldn’t be stressing because it’s not my job and I don’t get paid to do so and it makes me sleep badly or I get so little sleep that I’m more like a zombie for the week. Then I catch up sleep during the weekend and try to destress myself by colouring and watching movies, I haven’t had the strength to actually play that much lately. Yesterday I did manage to finally finish act 4 in Diablo 3 and oh my that story is so amazing and catching! I’m also loving the cinematics on that, they’re so well done and intense!

Aight, enough of that and on to the happier topic! Last month was first month of Anne’s, from Chic pixel, Community Game-Along project (more about the project here) and as you might remember I set some goals for myself and I think I managed to fail in each of the goal. I didn’t get to do anything!! *pouts* I did, however, manage to start Notice Me Senpai – game by SkillShotLabs and I’m loving it! It is available for iOS and Android. The game itself is like if an otome game and nekoatsume would have a child! 😀 The main idea is very simple, you have a café and attract senpais 😛 Currently I need to unlock one more senpai and I have 9 out of 30 CGs ^_^ They currently have Valentine’s themed event going and I love the Llama decoration <3

As for the Community Game-Along, this month is about Fishing games and don’t have any fishing games (nor do I know any) so I’m not taking part of this months gaming (and there’s only week left) , I shall continue having a DatingSimonth ^_^ March is marked to be Monster Hunter -like games and I have to do some reasearch and see what kind of games that hold 🙂

I decided to upload some Notice me Senpai screenshots I’ve taken 🙂


My Valetine’s Day themed café 🙂

ShunSenpai SoumaSenpai

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  1. Awwww senpai collecting <3

    *hugs* I know what you mean re: stress. Been a bit of a zombie myself, lately. I've gamed, but my poor little blog! *sobs* I really need to do more with it considering I pay for the damn thing. Gah! I need to remember how to squeeze quick posts in. :'(

    • I really should write more posts when I have time and then schedule them so it would actually spread out a bit more even in a month 😀 I’m hoping this week would be easier at work as I only have morning shift, but Monday showed her trueself again but I try to be positive 😀 *hugs to you* <3

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