Shall We Date: Guilty Alice

033f761b93bf3ab3c9740474da6e49b4I bought Guilty Alice Mad Hatter’s route few days before Christmas to keep me busy while working and it was my first paid mobile otome game so far. I haven’t yet finished it as I’ve been bit busy with other games, and some things on it bother me a bit. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite stories and the game is loosely based on it. There is something on the written story that just doesn’t get me hooked on it. It doesn’t give me this “I must finish this and see what happens” -feeling, which is a bit sad :/ There is nothing wrong with it tho don’t get me wrong, it is really interesting and it’s nice to see all the kind of familiar faces 🙂

Story (Copied from Google Play’s description):

When you visit a small shop full of cute little things run by a mysterious man with a cat-shaped hood, you find a little jewelry box. You open the beautiful box to find a heart-shaped jewel inside…
But the moment you touch it, the jewel shatters to pieces.

That night, you have a strange dream.
Looking down upon you who are made to stand in a defendant’s seat in a courtroom is a queen dressed in red, calling you Alice; there is that shopkeeper with the cat-shaped hood, too!
The Red Queen says to you: “Guilty Alice! How dare you steal and break my precious ‘Heart’! You must successfully produce a ‘Heart’ and bring it to me within ONE MONTH. If you fail producing a ‘Heart’, then that day will be the day your head rolls!”

The next morning, when you wake up in the real world, you notice five handsome men standing before you—The Joker, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse and the Lizard. They are the men sent by the Red Queen to grow a Heart, a crystallization of love’s awakening only women are able to make, with you. However, you are also told that once the Heart is taken away, you will no longer have any memory left of the man you have come to love.
Traveling between night and day, between Wonderland and the real world—will you be able to grow a loving Heart?


Mad Hatter’s route cost me 4.28€ which is a bit high price for a mobile otome route, but on the other hand I haven’t really experienced with the payed otome games yet. Since so far I’ve only played the free daily login games from Shall We Date. It is really nice to have the paid route tho, I can play whenever I want and read how may chapters I like without worrying that I might run out of “energy” for a while. After I’m finished with Mad’s route I might actually get Joker, as he seems really interesting 😀

While playing the game I noticed something really similar. From Shall We Date I’ve played also 2 other otome games, Angel or Devil and Magic Sword. In Guilty Alice I noticed that few of the backgrounds were almost identical (Yes I know they might re-use backgrounds), Such a funny thing to notice, my brain usually catches really weird tiny details 😀

But I wanted to show the comparison here 😀 (Just a tip: Angel or Devil is a really really good game, it was one of my first otome games ^^)


left: Guilty Alice right: Angel or Devil


left: Guilty Alice right: Magic Sword

You can download the android version here and the iOS version here. Have fun! 🙂


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