My Otome collection (so far)

Pikachu_SickI wrote earlier about this Community Game Along project hosted by lovely AnneΒ from Chic Pixel. It’s a halfway trough the #DatingSimonth now and I haven’t been able to finish many of my goals yet. I did however manage to finish Ikki’s route on Amnesia and holyshitballs (pardon my language) his route is scary! But the good ending was really nice *dreamy eyes*. I think I have love-hate relationship to that man. I decided to pick Shin next as I’m not sure after scary stuff in Ikki’s route that I’d be able to handle Toma yet πŸ˜€Β I’ve been bit sick lately, firstly having my neck&shoulders be so jammed that I could barely lift anything or move my head and now I’m recovering from the Flu from Hell (so I’m sorry of all the million typos in my post today :D).

But enough of that, I noticed earlier that Anne is hosting a giveaway with @AksysGames, they’re giving away Code Realize and Norn9, which is SUPER COOL!! Keeping my fingers crossed so I can win πŸ˜› I’ve been meaning to share my current collection of Otome games but I haven’t gotten around it yet so this giveaway was perfect opportunity to write about them (you get +5 entries if you share your collection in Instagram, mine is @ladyrinike btw, and write a post about #DatingSimonth ^_^). My collections are mostly in digital form as I’m usually too eager to wait the snailmail to arrive πŸ˜› But here are the games I have:

All my Otome games I have for PC are nicely collected in Steam πŸ™‚ I haven’t played all of them yet, but I’m working on the list πŸ™‚ I made a cute collage of the titles I have in Steam, I also have Everlasting Summer and Sakura Spirit, but those are the ones that the main protagonist is male πŸ™‚Β FotorCreated

PsVita, 3DS and my phone (Nexus 6):
When I started playing Otomes I firstly got them on my phone as I didn’t have my 3DS or Vita back then. Then I bought 3DS for myself as a birthday present and with that I ordered Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi which came with a nice digital soundtrack. After playing Hakuoki I knew that this is game genre that I need to get more! πŸ™‚
On PsVita I have Code Realize, Amnesia and Persona 3 (which I’m counting to be otome becauseΒ of the romancable options πŸ™‚ ). You might notice that I have 2 copies of Amnesia, well there is explanation for that. There was sale around Christmas and I wanted to support the game so I got it for PC also πŸ˜› On my mobile I have slightly bit more games, but some of them are there as I’d forgot to download them otherwise πŸ˜€FotorCreated2

Remember always to support the game by buying it legally and not pirate! so we get to have these awesome games in the future too!! ^_^ <3

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