Community Game-Along & #DatingSimonth

Just few days ago I saw a tweet about this most amazing thing every, a Dating Simonth; where in this month you play Dating Sim games. It is part a bigger project, Community Game-Along, and it’s hosted by Anne Lee over at Chic-Pixel. As I’m huge otome game fan I thought what a better way (to try and) get back to blogging. Not sure if I’m going to take part on all of the genres but at least for the ones I usually play and I’m familiar with, and why not try new games as well 🙂

The whole year’s schedule looks like this and you can read more about it from the original post by Anne Lee:

January – Dating Sims
February – Fishing games (suggested by @_Kimimi!)
March – Monster Hunter-likes
April – Yuzo Koshiro (composer)
May – Metroidvania
June – Media tie-in games (suggested by @BadoorSNK!)
July – JRPGs
August – PlatinumGames
September – Strategy games
October – Horror games
November – R18+ (adult content) games
December – Hudson Soft games

If you don’t have any ideas or don’t know what dating sims you should play, Anne created a small list and you can read about it here.

My main goals for this month are; to try and finish Code Realize, Amnesia and The Men of Yoshiwara. Then I would like to see if I could finish / start few more routes on Guilty Alice, Niflheim, Demon’s Bond and Scarlet Fate (as there is already Scarlet Fate II released), also I got some otome games on Steam from the Christmas Sales 😛 I have Magical Diary and Date Warp I’m especially interested in! 🙂 So this month is going to be busy, I hope I have time to do all the things! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for joining in! I hope you enjoy Code: Realize and Amnesia. I’ve never played Men of Yoshiwara, but it looks really cute XD

    • Yes I enjoy Amnesia and CR a lot! such amazing games <3 If you ever have time, you should really look into Men of Yoshiwara, it is such a fun otome. Not voice acted but the story is amazing! 🙂

      • I know there is a PS Vita version of Yoshiwara, I wonder if they added voice acting? I may consider importing it if that’s the case… For whatever reason I don’t stick to playing games on my phone >_< (also sorry, I didn't realize you had already played Amnesia and CR!)

        • I’m pretty sure it is voice acted all the way on the Vita version, it also has 1 extra route that the PC version doesn’t have 🙂 I’m quite on/off with my phone games, they’re nice to have if I ever get bored 🙂
          Hehe it’s ok 😀 I haven’t played that much Amnesia and CR, finished Van Helsing’s route and Kent’s route and now I have Ikki’s and Victor’s 🙂

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