Obsessing over villagers in ACNL

So the past few weeks I’ve been obsessing over Moose and Croque in my village. I want them OUT.
I dislike them, they look creepy and their comments are weird. So I started small investigation how to actually get a villager to move out.
There are soooo many forum, yahoo and gamefaq topics so I thought I’d create a easy list kind of thing for myself (and anyone else who wants to use it).
There are two ways to work things out, the slow way and the fast way (includes time travelling).

The slow way is that you play the game you normally would without time travelling.
I can’t guarantee that the methods work 100% but that is what I’ve gathered from all the answers around the internet 🙂

  • Hit villager with your tools, net seems to be the one their most responsive to, to make them angry. (do this everyday)
  • Bury pitfall seeds and push villager in it.
  • Keep engaging them (talk to them but then say you don’t have anything to say, the get annoyed by that and want to be left alone).
  • Ignore the villager and eventually they move out (like if they ping you just run to the other way).
  • One way is to create another save and then play with it and talk twice to villagers you want to keep and only once to the one you want to move out. (+ do those above).
  • There are some mixed opinions of complaining to Isabelle, some say it works if you’re persistent enough and some say it won’t help at all. But it’s worth to try.
  • If you get request from villager either ignore it or mess it up,if they ask fruit bring them mushroom or something. If they ask for delivery open it and don’t deliver it but be careful it might mess up your relationship with the other person of the said request.

The fast way is with Time Travelling, now this way is a lot trickier that the slow way and you might end up losing a villager you like. Before I read enough I travelled too far and too fast without checking who is about to move and in this process I lost some nicer villagers and the best of all, Chester my lovely cute love panda! I admit I might have cried just a little bit.
But I’ve also gotten very nice ones in exchange, I really love Baabara she is so adorable.


So few things to remember:

  • Good thing to have is to use the Beautiful Town ordinance, so you won’t get that many dead flowers and weeds and you keep villagers happy 😀
  • Don’t keep more money than 99 bells (or less is even better) so villagers don’t ping you with annoying sell requests.
  • If you get items from villagers either sell them or put them away from your bags, travel only with your tools. One handy thing is to have the letter space full so you can move the items in there.
  • Hitting villagers or pushing them to pitfall seeds won’t help you while time travelling.
  • Also DO NOT ignore villagers while time travelling, you need to talk to everyone to find out who is moving.
  • Sick villagers won’t move out (you need to give them medicine so they can get better).
  • Travel ONLY 2 days forward and then save & quit and go back to present.

Alright then some other handy tips:

  • Have something to watch (or rather listen), this is going to be super boring. (I did this yesterday for hours while rewatching Blizzcon panels).
  • Make sure villager isn’t doing anything (for example watering flowers or fishing). As then they only talk about the task they’re doing and most likely won’t reveal they’re moving or if someone else is moving.
  • Moving out is random, so it might take a while.
  • Keep a list, this is important as after you’ve time travel back to present you need to speak ALL the villagers (anywhere inside, T&T and re-tail won’t count) and if you have all 9 villagers there are usually only 4-7 villagers outside. I kept a list in google sheets 🙂

My list from yesterday, going to continue today and as long as I get Moose and Croque out 😀

Here is what I did:

  1. Forwarded time towards (While talking to Isabelle pick “I need help first…” and then change day and time) two days then Save & Quit.
  2. Time Travelled back to present day.
  3. Talked EVERYONE (remember everyone). The one moving out will “ping” you or someone else in town will tip you who is moving.
  4. Found the mover? Good. If not then you need to repeat.

Repeating is a bit risky so there are few ways to prevent any unwanted moving.

  • Keep asking from the villagers, it is slow but it is the safest way. (Just talk to villagers and then Save & Quit and repeat that until you find someone who is moving)
  • You could go one day forward and see if there is someone who wants to move, slightly faster faster way.
  • The riskiest way is that you just repeat the whole thing but with that you might lose someone you like.

Happy Time Travelling and good luck with it, you’re gonna need it! 😛 Also thanks for reading, in case I missed something or you’d like to add something just inform me and I’ll update this.

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