#IntPiPoMo 2015 41-50+

So it is November’s last date and also the last day of #IntPiPoMo.
I’m quite proud that I managed to finish the whole 50 screenshots, even tho it shouldn’t be a problem for me but if this month’s busy RL stuff would have been in last month I’d probably have way more than 50 screenshots and bit more blog posts as well! 🙂
I had a serious case of Monday today, not the worst but just that annoying day. So what I did after adulting, I picked my Amnesia Memories and had some alone time with my Kent <3 (and Orion, he is such a cutie!). I tried to pick very neutral screenshots that I took so I wouldn’t give out too many spoilers to the ones who haven’t played Kent’s route yet 🙂

2015-09-01-060523 2015-09-01-173304 2015-09-02-054523 2015-09-07-232048 2015-09-08-001652 2015-09-08-005912 2015-09-11-102511 2015-11-30-183348 2015-09-02-113332 2015-09-02-113725 2015-09-02-193003 2015-09-04-223020

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