#IntPiPoMo 2015 11-20

So here we are, bunch no 2.
I’ve been super busy the last week, planning wedding stuff and first week at newold job.
So this week you can expect loads of screenshots now that all I have left to stress is work and I destress from it by taking screenshots! yey 😛
Final Fantasy XIV got new patch last Tuesday and I’ve gotten new haircut with the awesome added mermaid hair and Rhin got herself a new kittylady hair too! And the added idle camera function has gotten me some pretty nice pictures from other people who play the game 🙂 SquareEnix also added Lord of Verminion, which is kind of a pet battle thing, so far it looks super fun! 😛
Also other super cool stuff got added, like 2 new sitting animation and loads of fashion outift things! (you know important stuff). I still kind of need to figure out how to make the things to change my gear and get to Heavensward and and loads of things 😀

But without further ado here is the next bunch! 🙂


ffxiv_11112015_090542 ffxiv_11112015_092023 ffxiv_11112015_094143 ffxiv_11112015_153748 ffxiv_11112015_153906 ffxiv_18112015_062504 ffxiv_18112015_064442 ffxiv_20112015_054803 ffxiv_20112015_055057

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  1. Lovely screenshots! Final Fantasy is one of the few MMOs on my MMOs-I’d-play-if-I’d-be-bored-with-my-current-ones list, simply because it looks absolutely stunning.

    • Thank you! I started playing it because it was just so completely beautiful and now I’m trying to struggle between WoW, Gw2 and FF. It’s usually FF where I end up logging tho 🙂

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