#IntPiPoMo 2015 1-10

I’ve been playing fair amount with my 3DS lately and that is because I got new excitement for Animal Crossing New Leaf.
I started it last summer but didn’t play that much, it felt so slow. But then last month when I was sick I had time to pick it up again and before I knew I was farming bells and shops started appearing to my Rincity  (super original name yeah I know xD) 😛
I also had to wait a long time to get Shampoodle to appear so I could finish my look for the town theme. (I love Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto was the obvious choice for me ^_^)
I also have this as my town tune! 🙂 Only sad thing is that I’d love to change the place of my Mayor House but you can’t do that without losing the current progress and items :G

HNI_0091_JPG HNI_0092_JPG

I also had Ghost Halloween costume as few of my townsfolk were afraid of ghosts 😛

I also had my first fortune teller visit recently! She told me to wear plain bottoms *giggle*
HNI_0100_JPG HNI_0001_JPGMy first Club visit, I’m such a big fan of K.K ^_^
HNI_0093_JPGI caught a giant isopod while visiting the Island and my current outfit is ninjakitten 😛
HNI_0004_JPG HNI_0005_JPGAs for the Happy Home Designer.
I changed my outfit to be super cute, pink hair,red polkadot skirt and heart stockings! 🙂 (sadly have to wear work-shirt all the time :G)
Also one of the customer was fan of fire and wanted to embrace that 😛
HNI_0095_JPG HNI_0098_JPG

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  1. These are such awesome shots! I kinda want a new DS so I can take screenshots of my games, lol.

  2. These are such cute screenies! Now I want to dig out my DS and charge it up!

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