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It’s been too long time since I wrote something, but it has been super busy last month.
My best friend was here and work has been even busier now that a lot of people have found a new job and the rest don’t want to do theirs, but enough of work. *shudders*
For the last week I’ve been bedridden, I got the nastiest flu I’ve ever had (and I’ve had my fair share of them). Couldn’t sleep because of blocked nose, had to try and sleep in half sitting position so I would be able to breathe..eugh.. so needless to say I spent a lot of time with Netflix and my 3DS 🙂
When I finished up Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies I needed to get a new distraction, so I got Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and that has been the best idea since FFXIV 🙂
I like this game even more I liked the New Leaf 🙂

I decided that instead of spamming Twitter with all the awesome and cute homes I’ve made, I decided to make few collages and added the Happy Home Network codes in the pics in case someone wanted to visit 😀 (I’m on EU, dunno if that makes difference). Hope you enjoy of them as much as I had fun making them! 🙂
I’m all done with the public buildings and I don’t (yet) own the new 3DS (that has the nfc scanner for more town folk), but I still have a lot random visitors in my little town! 🙂


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  1. Those homes are abso-freaking-loutely adorable!!! Hope you’re finally starting to feel better!

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