Day 1 of #Blaugust

brofistLast year I saw many people taking part on this thing called Blaugust. I did some digging back then and found that it was blogging challenge created by Belghast, the challenge was to write a blog post every day with a length not less than 10 sentences. It doesn’t matter what you write, the goal is to get you write regularly.
I didn’t have time to take part on it then but now it is Blaugust time again and I’m going to try this! I’m going to be away for a week, I’m travelling to Finland to see my best friend, but I’m trying either schedule some posts upfront or use the WordPress Android app.
You can also join on awesome Anook community and follow all the Blaugust posts there or in Twitter with a #Blaugust tag.
Everyone can suggest promts in Anook in case you run out of ideas what to write.

What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?

My goal is to start writing more again, and more regularly. I’ve been quite lazy and been slipping since I started my “new” job back in December. I miss doing posts and editing the screenshots for it! but after talking the whole day in a phone I just want to mindlessly hit some mobs! 😀 But I’m going to change that.
I’m also hoping to get to know more people trough this event because I know there are some truly amazing people out there!

On to an even better topic, I finally got my very first recruit a friend reward, the amazing “fist bump”! How cool is that!?! 🙂
I’m also only seven and a half levels away from reaching 50! It’s getting exciting!

Happy start of Blaugust everyone! /brofist

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  1. Yay!!!! So excited to see you in Blaugust and follow up on all things Lady Rinike! 😀

  2. I think there are a lot of us hoping for the same thing… to get back into writing on some kind of a regular basis. I figure even if I write once a week, that’s still doing better than zero a year.

    So here’s a good Blaugust for both of us! 🙂

  3. I don’t think I have seen your blog before, so I am excited to find it just in time for this occasion. I look forward to seeing your Blaugust entries!

    As for your comment authenticator/humanizer, 2+four is obviously 2four, not 6!

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