Blaugust days 21-23 and why I failed at Blaugust

I was so hopeful at the start of Blaugust that I would actually manage to post everyday, well I didn’t.
I did manage to get half of the days so that is positive.
Last Friday was my first day back to work after holiday, and after that we went to play discgolf.
Same thing after Saturday’s work. I love that game, it’s so calming (well if we don’t count the douches who think since they’re better than normal people they can behave badly…).
I also decided that I’m not gonna stress over small things as I really don’t miss being anxious about things all the time.
I’ve noticed some amazing improvement on myself after the holiday in Finland, the wonders small holiday can make.
I’m far less irritated about people in stores / public places, I can walk in public places without my headphones (well depends how busy it is but still!!)
I don’t get annoyed if things are in “the wrong place” at home.
I’m quite proud of myself! 🙂 Feels great! I hope I can keep myself like this.

On other news I finally logged back to FFXIV! Oh how I missed my cute Au Ra <3
After reaching level 45 I remembered that there was the Moonfire Faire event going on.
Getting my cute swimsuit alright!!
Here is my cutiepie!! *heart eyes* please try not to drool too much ;P
I absolutely adore that green one 🙂 Tomorrow I need to farm some fashion for my cute kittylady <3



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  1. My mini vacation will come at the beginning of September – perfect timing for Blaugust. :p But of course, that wasn’t the reason for that time. It’s going to be over my birthday. 🙂

    Anyway, there is still time to catch up if you want to! If this is post no. 21, then there are only 10 more missing, after all. 🙂 You know, just if you want to, of course.

    That beach party picture looks great, by the way. I love that look.

  2. It’s great when you can let things not bother you. And grats on making it as far as you could on Blaugust.

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