Blaugust day 9 and Warcraft Pet Battle Weekend

RinikeTauren4This weekend was one of those new event weekends and it was time for some Pet Battles.
Have to say I haven’t done that much pet battles since start of Pandaria, just been collecting the pets.
One thing that really bothers me is that you have to use a pet you _need_ not the one you actually _want_ as some of the Master Pet Tamers are pain in the ass if you don’t have proper set up.
I understand it needs to be certain type of pet, but why make all “oh you can’t kill this and this because your pet is missing this and this ability”. (I know I’m a little bit exaggerating but hope you get my point).

But yeah on to the buff bonus you have this weekend, you get increased experience by 200% from the battles. Which is super cool because I am one of the slowest levellers, I want to level all 3 on the same time instead of just boost one or two with one higher level. Above picture was to just get nice picture for the blog ;P
I’m currently going for the No Favorites achievement, where I’m missing only magic (need 1 level) and critter type, which will give my 5 achievement point and I’ll be getting my Jade Tentacle from the Time to Open a Pet Store achievement 🙂 Also I’m 12 Pet Tamer battles away from my very own Safari Hat! \o/


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  1. Sigh… That should motivate me to get in game too but it doesn’t. Levelling is stupidly easy in WoW (and all I do is quest!) so it’s not like I need that for incentive… and like you I get narked at the ‘must have this pet of this ilevel with these stats to be able to defeat this boss-pet’.

    If I wanted dungeon-like gameplay and holy trinity roles, I would PUG. Or even do dungeons.

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