Blaugust day 7 and ARK: Survival Evolved

Yesterday I managed to cross 1 goal off from my gaming to-do list. It was to login to ARK.
I got it from the Steam Midsummer sale and been slacking off with actually trying it, either I’m too focused on my cute dragon lady or something else comes up!
I’m like master in procrastinating (unless I need something done for myself, then that’s a whole different thing ;D)


But yeah, so I started as a half naked woman on a weird island’s shore, didn’t stay alive too long as I was killed someone much much higher level than me.
2nd start was a little bit better, I actually managed to make some clothes of all the leaves I was hoarding, then I got killed again by a monstrous bee! (that thing really was scary and it was a size of a cat! :O ) So you would think 3rd time is the charm? Yeeeaah nope, it wasn’t, I did manage to get clothes and berries for food and stay away from cold and those monster bees. I also managed to kill another player and steal his/hers clothes + other fun things from the inventory. I got pickaxe (which at that point I didn’t know how to make myself because cba reading instructions or googling) and some meat, which got bad and I accidentally ate it. So, then I figured that by hitting things harder (which usually solves the problem right!?) I wound that I could make my own weapons, and I sure did make an awesome spear!2015-08-06_00001

I killed some dodos and then I got bit too carried away and thinking I’m invincible. Turned out some turtle with really big shell was actually invincible.
So for the 4th time I spawned on another place on the island, and this time I decided to be smart. I would gather all the stuff, make me some armor and weapons and actually trying to survive more than 30mins. And I did, I even managed to make a super nice fire for myself which I used to cook my meat (I learned from the hard way that raw meat isn’t safe for humans /sigh ).


I did also have my first ‘friendly’ encounter in the game, someone said “hi” to me while standing behind my back and I almost jumped out of my computer chair. As it turned out you can use your microphone to talk to someone close (at least I assumed that was the case).
My first thoughts of the games were that this thing is amazing, it looks so good and feels really real! While you die and lose all things in your inventory, you still get to keep your “gained level” so to say. and every level you earn points which you can use to learn how to make things, for example clothes. The game is currently in early access on Steam, so if you don’t have yours yet you should definitely get it now!! 🙂 I mean the game has DINOSAURS what else you need?! 😀2015-08-06_00014


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