Blaugust day 6 and Universeum + WoW expansion hype

Today was awesome day (not just because of the expansion announcement, but I’ll get to that later).

Not sure how many of you have heard of Universeum but it’s Nordic region’s largest Science Centre. They have loads of science stuff for kids, animals (sharks, monkeys, frogs, butterflies etc), they have space section where among other things you can measure how much you weight, let’s say for example in Jupiter! SO MANY COOL THINGS!
We usually go there around once a year, sometimes maybe twice depending if we have someone visiting who hasn’t been there. If you ever come to Gothenburg that worth to check out! 🙂
I also took some pictures but I’m gonna add them at the end of the post because,


I don’t want you to miss out my excitement over the new released expansion for Warcraft!
Firstly, ILLIDAN!!! THIS TIME I WILL BE PREPARED! Second MORE DRUID LORE and those truly amazing looking artifact weap..FERAL FORMS! Also I’m so making Demon Hunter, I’ve wanted to make one since Burning Crusade! 😀
I just can’t even.. Yes it might be too early to bee hyped, but I don’t care! 😀

On to the pictures of the animals from Universeum

dino uni

Found a stuffed gekko with an attitude! :D

Found a stuffed gekko with an attitude! 😀

uni3 uni4 uni5 uni6 uni7

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  1. I like the pictures but ow, such huge files :O They make my browser cry!

  2. These are awesome photos!

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