Blaugust day 4 and next years game releases!

I picked up a writing prompt from Anook’s Blaugust’s topic suggestion list for today.

What is your most anticipated game that will release in the next year, and why?

I actually have 2 of them (so far :D).
The first one is the World of Final Fantasy which was announced at E3 by Square Enix. Game is more or less role-playing chibi version of Final Fantasy.
While I was watching the release of that in the E3 stream I knew I needed that game on my PS Vita (it’s also for PS4). It just looks incredibly cute and still has the turn-by-turn combat (which I usually tend to be bad at but I like it anyhow). I have to admit I’m really new with the Final Fantasy games and story world (but I’ve fixed the lack of games thanks to Steam sales) and FFXIV Realm Reborn was my first ever FF game I played. But I’m still really looking forward the release and finishing (well starting) the games I already have!
Here is the trailer for World of Final Fantasy:

Second game I’m really waiting is Hellblade from Ninja Theory, it was also announced at E3.
What made me interested about the game was the feel I got from the trailer, also the artwork and the idea behind it is really amazing.
Story follows a Celtic warrior Senua’s story, who was traumatized by a Viking invasion. You experience her Hellish journey trough her eyes while she battles with her mental illness.

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