Blaugust day 25 and my love for kpop!

I decided to continue with music from yesterday’s Blaugust post.
I wanted to share and hype out my love for Korean pop with this post.
I’ve never really liked pop, well maybe I had a phase when I was young(er) and that was mainly with Finnish pop.
After that I mainly listened Rock, Metal, Punk etc.
One thing was Japanese punk/rock artist who has always had special place in my heart, he is called Miyavi.

This was the song that got me hooked. You should also check Miyavi’s Horizon from youtube.

Among Miyavi came Gackt, Malice Mizer, Dir En Grey, DespairsRay and many others.
Until recently I’ve never had any experience from the Korean pop band (well if we exclude Psy’s Gangnam style :P), and it’s all thanks to my twitter friends Ali – and Sushi -senpai <3
I started slowly, I started with Infinite H (song called Pretty) and moved to BIGBANG (Bang Bang Bang I mean this video has it all, I used to have it on a loop while I was playing and I used to start my work day commute with it :P). Then I kept hearing about Super Junior ( Mamacita ) so I had to check them out. I also watched Exciting India (suggested by Sushi-senpai <3), the show was about boys from various bands (Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Minho from SHINee, Jonghyun from C.N.Blue, Sunggyu from Infinite and Suho from EXO) were send to India to promote K-pop 😀
They’re so adorable <3 Without that show I probably wouldn’t have found my ultimate favourite song which is this:

I don’t know what is different on korean pop that makes me love the songs so much more than normal pop 😀 I do listen some various girl bands, but only just few songs (for example AOA, EXID, Girl’s Generation and Hyuna).
Here is my Kpop list on Spotify if someone wants to check it out 🙂 I used to remember the order I had the songs but now I’ve added so many new ones and the list is longer 😀
I also might have watched the videos so much that I know some of the dance moves on some songs 😀

I think I’ve rambled enough about my love. I’ll leave you with this video <3

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