blaugust, world meets metal

Blaugust day 24 and the World Meets Metal

Last night was Eric Calderone’s, better known as 331Erock, first concert World Meets Metal
It was an Internet concert which made it so awesome! It happened 21.00 EDT which was 3am this morning 😀
So I woke up two hours earlier than I normally would have needed just so see the concert among the first ones who got the ticket!
And it was so worth it! THE HYPE! What made it even better was that I managed to share it with my best friend, Nizkiz! \,,/

If you don’t know who he is or you haven’t heard his cover songs then shame on you!
It is so amazing to see someone with such passion doing something what he loves!

Here is my top 3 ” … Meets Metal” songs in no particularly order 🙂



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