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Blaugust Day 2 and Zoo post!

Today was awesome day, and especially awesome idea for my 2nd Blaugust post.
We noticed week ago that we haven’t been in a Zoo this year at all, last year we went to Kolmården and year before that Borås.
I took so many pictures in Kolmården so I didn’t make a blog post but you can see them in my Tumblr (pages 1, 2, 3 and 4) and you can see my Borås pictures here.
So needless to say my reaction of going to Nordens Ark was something like this:

tumblr_msun74igqT1sgl0ajo1_500After extremely tiring week (had 6 day week and quite few hours sleep per night). I was tired and excited to go!
I bought a new camera for myself last Christmas (Fuji X-M1) so I had my old camera in no use, so I decided to make my fiancee’s niece happy and gave it to her.
After charging up everything (including 3DS and PSVita, for travel amusement), I left to city to buy a new memory cards for my new and my old camera.
Came back with a big rush and got everything else but my zoom lense so we had to turn back (luckily we didn’t get that far).

Weather was surprisingly good, taking account it’s Swedish summer. Also there weren’t that many people, which is amazing so there were no pushing while you tried to take pictures of the animals. Most of the animals were sleeping or just hiding but I did manage to take some good pictures I was happy with! Sometimes it was really difficult to take pictures due the fences and cages so many of my pictures have some white/gray shadings over but it’s fine, they’re still nice memories.
There also were wolf puppies, but we only managed to see one adult one 😀 But I did get some tiger cubs!

I’m heading to bed as my bedtime was due 2 hours ago, so I’m just gonna post the pictures I liked here for your enjoyment!
Good night!

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4 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 2 and Zoo post!

    1. I could spend ages in a zoo, just love watching the animals do their things (it’s not the same as it would be in the wild but similar). 🙂
      Thank you! I had so many pictures of the cats and I would have wanted to pick all of them! 😀

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