Blaugust day 16 and 17

Reason why I didn’t write anything yesterday is simply that we didn’t do anything.
It was completely lazy Sunday 🙂 we made food, we walked with the doggies and just watched tv 🙂 I’m so envious of bodies of some of the queens in RuPaul’s drag race (my ultimate favourites are Raven and Jujubee ^^).
Today was whole another busy day, we woke up early and ate some breakfast and had a small roadtrip trough the beautiful scenery of Turku 🙂


Also as you see we went horseback riding! 😀
I’ve never been and it was so cool and scary and awesome on the same time 😛
My horse was a boy horse who was farting all the time :’D
I think my body is gonna be so sore tomorrow, especially my bottom.

(dunno how the gif will workout when I add it on my phone :D)
But I’m flying back home tomorrow early in the morning so I can fix it later on.

I’ve had mentally the best holiday I’ve had, I didn’t have to stress about work or anything and I learned to let go of some of my annoying habits (*fingers crossed they don’t come back*) I’ve missed my friend so much and it feels so sad to leave, could have stayed longer and I hope she gets some time of from her work so she can come and have her holiday in Sweden.
I need to pack my things but I don’t want to..  :/

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  1. I still haven’t given up on the horse dream I’ve nurtured since I was, err, about 6. There’s a horse rescue place up the road I’m going to volunteer at, that’ll be a good start. 😀

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