Blaugust day 12 and travel day 1

First day of my holiday in Finland !
My flight was super early so I decided to stay up the whole night yesterday – not that smart idea. I had a short nap around 23.00 but then I started to get real tired when I needed to start getting ready. Somehow I stayed awake enough to get myself ready.

At Gothenburg airport it was surprisingly many people leaving. (well my flight isn’t usually this that early so I wouldn’t know if it was normal).
First flight was to Stockholm Arlanda, that place just gives me the creeps. It’s pretty place yes, but hell annoying to run from far end of one terminal to far end of the other. Especially when there are people who have no rush to move forward >.< well I managed to run and get to my connect flight to Turku where my friend was waiting for me \o/ 🙂

We decided to go out and eat and man it was weird to hear Finnish everywhere, I was even going to order my burger in Swedish :’D
Then we came to my friends place and it was time for puppy treatment 🙂 (my friend has Tibetan spaniel and German shepherd)
Tomorrow is time for our tattoo ^.^
Stay tuned!

Here is picture of wild Hilda


And this was my plane from Stockholm to Turku, was a little surprised when I saw it 😀


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