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Blaugust day 11 and rainbow shoelaces

With lack of a better title I decided to go with that 😀
For past Friday-Sunday I’ve been looking for new shoes, not any shoes but Adidas Superstars. I decided that I wanted something bit more comfortable than Converses 😀
So, yesterday being all bummed that I couldn’t find them I complained to co-worker and said I couldn’t find any of them and if I did they only had big sizes.
She told me that near our work there was this small shop that I should look into, and I went there on my lunch and I INDEED FOUND A PAIR!
Sadly I couldn’t get the one with green stripes as was also out of small sizes BUT the ones with red stripes were my 2nd choice anyway so I was happy!
Today I went to hunt for some new cool laces and I got rainbow ones! How cool is that!? 🙂



As I’m writing this I have nearly everything packed so I decided to slack a little bit and maybe do some colouring, or pet battles (or I could do both in the same time).
Because my flight leaves so damn early and it’s already so late I decided that I’m just gonna stay up all night and drink coffee and play all things!
Also in the above picture you can see my super cute & matching luggage tag and passport cover! I got them from Etsy store called Beesocks, I was really worried I wouldn’t get them in time as  I ordered them quite late and estimated delivery was 15th. But I’m super happy! 🙂

I’m also redyeing my hair from yesterday, I dyed it with Manic Panic’s Siren’s Song and while it was really nice it didn’t attach proper in my roots.
Probably because I didn’t want to use bleach this soon after using it few weeks ago. So I decided to mix things up a bit and have different coloured roots (I really hope it sticks :D), the colour I used is Atomic Turquoise.

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