Blaugust catch up post days 18-20

Yeeeeah heey…
I kinda missed few days πŸ˜€

IMG_20150818_085603On Tuesday I travelled home from Finland, I was dead tired so we just decided to slack, play games and watch TV, you know couple stuff πŸ™‚
I should probably unpack my stuff, now they’re just a big pile in our living room πŸ˜€
On the next day, Wednesday, I was gonna do the catch up blogpost but I got seriously distracted by TV and colouring! (I started rewatching Stargate SG-1 when I came back home).
I love my Enchanted Forest colouring book, it has such a pretty pictures!IMG_20150818_202742 IMG_20150819_105732The upper one I started before I went to Finland and now I was finally able to Finish it! πŸ™‚
Also what got me distracted yesterday was raiding in Warcraft! I had ilvl 632 which meant I needed to start from scratch with the LFR, so off I (well we, I lured my fiancΓ© to join me) went.
Did all 3 wings on Highmaul and I got loads of new stuff and landed me with ilvl 643 \o/
Today I did watch some more Stargate and took a long nap, I also started a mount hunt! I don’t remember who shared this websiteΒ in Twitter but it is amazing!
Basically it tells you the most efficient way to farm the mounts you’re missing! πŸ˜› so nifty!!
I also changed transmog on my Druid, I look so adorable <3 Should plan something nice at some point, I’ve also wanted to add Resto specc again now that you can just pretty much change your spec and use almost the same gear for all specs. I’m also planning on logging to FF tomorrow, all those pics about the swimsuits are making me want to get one too!! πŸ™‚RinikeTauren5

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  1. Welcome home!

    Ah, I highly approve of the SG:1 rewatch! I am long overdue to do the same. Definitely one of my all time favourite shows.

    PS. I’m too chicken to click on that link. I have some awesome rare mounts like the gray camel, but then I know I’m missing lots of really easy ones, as well as pretty much every single one in WoD! If I don’t know how much I’m missing, I can’t be too sad, right?

    Epic drawing + transmog! x

    • SG-1 is my all time favourite show too, it is just so epic! πŸ˜›
      I already knew how many mounts I was missing but I was just missing the efficient way and I kind of regret finding that link. IT MAKES ME FARM ALL THE PRETTIES! πŸ˜› heh

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