Blaugust catch up day 8, my evergreen game

I planned half of this post yesterday, but after waking up early for work and having day in the city after work just made me so tired.
I was so happy that I made 7 posts in a row without skipping any, I probably jinxed it while being too happy about it 😀
Oh well, I’ll just make double today 😀 I borrowed a writing prompt from Anook again:

“What is your favorite evergreen game?

An evergreen game is a game that you find yourself going back to consistently despite doing other things and playing other games in between. Usually an evergreen game holds up over the course of months or years.”


I didn’t really have to think about it, it’s Warcraft definitely. I have played over 10 years and I just had my longest break from WoW this year. I was unsubbed for 6 months and then decided to help my fiancé in a couple of stuff ingame and here I am 😀 I love playing other games and it’s nice to have breaks from games so the whole game feels like “new” again 😀
I doubt I can ever really “quit” Warcraft, unless something really horrible and messed up happens in the lore (like for example Thrall dies or Sylvanas turns evil and we’d have to kill her …)
*shivers* let’s just hope nothing happens ayeh.


I think the reason why I keep coming back to Warcraft is that it was my first MMO game and I have long emotional bond with my pixels. Alltho have to admit that the game is also so damn beautiful. I’m really excited about the expansion, wasn’t at all waiting this kind of feeling. I was only supposed to watch the announcement with fiancé just to keep him company, and I was dead set not watching it trough because I didn’t see mah pretteh Metzen. (can’t have all nice things at the same time I suppose :P) But I almost ended up being even more excited than him 😀

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