Blaugust and the missing days

Yeah this time I didn’t miss one or two days, I missed four days (+ this day of course).
I had a rather weird and emotionally exhausting week, which is why I have been doing everything else than writing my blog or played games on my computer.
I’ve been colouring, seems to calm me down really nicely (I really recommend the “adult” colouring books!)
On Wednesday we heard some sad news at work, I’m quite sure I can talk about it already.
As some of you might know since last December I’ve been working as technical support for Samsung’s Finnish customers (we had all the Nordic countries in the same building) and on Wednesday we heard that Samsung changed the call center firm, which made all of us in the whole project unemployed in 2 months.
While I’ve been looking some thing else already, it was still really big news as I was hoping all my amazing colleagues Β would have stayed in on place.
I’ve never had so many amazing people working with me at the same place, we have such a tight group and it feels like we’re family πŸ˜€

On other sad news our amazing team leader had his last day on Friday and everyone were holding their mantears.
We planned out a gift bag for him including some coffee, coffee mug, candy, piggybank (with some euros in :P) and some chilisauces. We also wrote down on a card his best “quotes” πŸ˜›
You see he is the mastermind of dad jokes! πŸ˜€ While I’m super sad that now no one will laugh at my horrible jokes at work I wish him so much luck with the new job πŸ˜›

On Friday evening me and a colleague went to eat sushi see Ant-man (finally!). Girls night out *yay*
Ant-man was amazing, I could even say marvellous (*heh heh heh*).
Yesterday after exhausting week and a workday (I was backup as one of the guys who was supposed to work was sick) I just fell into hibernation mode after dinner.
As far as I remember I went to bed bit after 19.30 and was gonna play Amnesia (oh AND YAY FOR AMNESIA, I’ll cover a blog post about that separately) and I remember getting up bit after 7 am. FiancΓ© had apparently found me sleeping with my PSVita on my chest πŸ˜€ Fun things πŸ˜€
Today was just another lazy Sunday, we didn’t do anything \o/ well we did went to supermarket to buy food but that’s about it.
After finishing this blog post I’m gonna have some pancakes and play some games before bedtime πŸ™‚
Oh and I have job interview tomorrow so wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

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