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New adventure, kitty coeurl and fat chocobo

start(First of all I’m so sorry of lack of proper title for the blogpost, I’m so bad at getting nice and cool ideas :D)

Many of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I just subbed back to FFXIV. (well tbh I never really had active sub, just the one you got when you bought the game).
When I got the game I really didn’t have time to play it because I wasย too busy adapting to my new work hours.
I decided to have a completely new start (as on the first time I managed to create Miqo’te Thaumaturge and Conjurer but didn’t get very far).

I usually choose ranger/hunter/caster dps class when I start a new game but this time I decided that I’m gonna pick something else, I picked Lancer which can become a Dragoon (super cool name right!!!) at level 30 if you have Marauder class at level 15 also + of course some serious questing I would assume, haven’t really read that much yet, just that I really want to be that class! ๐Ÿ˜€
I also started on a new realm, Cactuar (NA), because I noticed that one of my friends is there also and I got invited to a cool guild calledย Greysky Armada. I really love it there! Everyone is so nice and helpful and spamming Twitter (lol :D), I like that I found myself a cool second home <3.
So after spending many hours in character creation, carefully choosing all the details and picking a perfect name took some time! Rhin Lyehga started her journey in Eorzea!

I don’t even know from where I should start hyping about this game, everything is so incredibly amazing! The graphics, the voice acting, how they add your character in the gear you’re wearing to the cutscenes, THE CUTSCENES, the stories, the weather and the music!! so awesome! I think one of the best things is that I’ve been waiting to have a new newbie experience in a MMORPG (calm yo tits I still love GW2, I could never leave my Norns! <3 ;P), but for example I played Warcraft for 10 years, that’s a loooong time. But at this point I couldn’t get anything out of it.
In GW2 and FFXIV I get to experience all the cool stories, be the noob (as it has come to my ears that Lancer/Dragoon is apparently equivalent to Huntards/DKs in WoW :D) and just see and explore the world again with fresh eyes!

The game has such cute mobs, pets and mounts! I got the collector’s edition so I got some ingame goodies like cute Moogle and baby Behemoth pets and Coeurl and fat Chocobo ๐Ÿ˜€
Last night, waaay past my bedtime, I finally managed to get the story on that part that I was able to get my very own Chocobo. I even got to name him! I named him after one of Odin’s ravens, Muninn (in old Norse meaning memory/mind, as were starting of our adventures together and creating memories, bit cheesy I know :D). I also learned that you can dye your Chocobo, so I’m trying to get the black dye (I’ve heard it’s rather difficult but gives me something to look forward to :D).

I’ll be sure to write more about the adventures as I go along, I just wanted to make minor update about what I’ve been doing gamewise ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. Ahhhh the chocobos are the best! Glad to see you’re loving Eorzea! I’ll be sure to log on one night this week to add you as a friend in game! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m Esuna Yuuki ๐Ÿ˜€

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