FFXIV screenshot dump

As you might know I LOVE taking screenshots and pictures and it’s no difference in Final Fantasy. The game is so pretty.
I’ve played till level 27 now and I’ve got almost 300 pictures taken! 😀 I love that I can take screenshots during the cutscenes!!!

What I’m gonna do is that not to spam too much of my blog all add some to my tumblr page (click here) 🙂
You can also read my yesterday’s blog post of starting FFXIV again, from here. 🙂

ffxiv_24052015_211113 ffxiv_24052015_210347ffxiv_25052015_080957 ffxiv_25052015_145822 ffxiv_27052015_191754 ffxiv_28052015_182242 ffxiv_28052015_184131 ffxiv_28052015_184205 ffxiv_30052015_091914 ffxiv_30052015_094331

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  1. I love the cutscene screenshot capabilities in ff. I keep trying to do the same in swtor and breaking stuff!

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