FFXIV Heavensward early access fun!

Capture2As you may know (or have noticed from my Twitter spam), Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion had it’s early access today.
And, well, everyone knows how the early access / launch day can be, if you manage to get in it might be lag or you get stuck or something else as fun.
Me on the other hand, got stuck in the character creation. I did some research yesterday for my Au Ra Xaela’s name and I managed to pick one really nice so it wouldn’t take too long for me to login when the maintenance would end, or so I thought. When the maintenance finally ended few hours late, I was so hyped and distracted of all the cool features I would be able to choose from that it took me bit longer to create my pretty one. When I was finally finished I just got the message that my server, Cactuar, doesn’t accept any new players currently and I could try and wait till the restriction is lifted or choose another server.

Well, I’m still waiting and now in the realm list on FFXIV’s homepage states correctly that Cactuar is restricted. Oh well at least I’ve been able to tweak my character to look absolutely perfect.
Hopefully I’ll manage to sneak in tomorrow before work when all the NA people are sleeping 😀 *evil giggle*
But here is how she looks (will reveal the name later when I actually get to login so no one steals it :P)

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