Adventure continues – 2nd job and twins


Since the last post I’ve managed to get Rhin to level 30 which means that I was able to start the quest to become a Dragoon (well before that I needed to level Marauder job to level 15).
I’m currently level 14 which means in one level I can actually start the Dragoon quest!
But then I had small detour, I’ve never really been much of a role player but I like to create background stories for my characters (usually most of it is inside my head :D).
So I went and created another Miqo’te, actually a long lost twin sister for Rhin (in before people call twins and clones stupid, I happen to like them so shut up :D).

Story so far:
It is quite rare for Keepers of the Moon to mate with Seekers of the Sun, but girls Father, Fhey from the Bear’s clan loved girls’ mother, Dhebi Lyehga, so much that he decided to live with her they way Keepers of the Moon do. His clan wasn’t happy but he chose to ignore them.
On the 13th sun of the 6th Umbral Moon was Dhebi’s time to give birth, but luck wasn’t on her side and having to deliver not one but two babies in to this world her body couldn’t handle it and not long after she passed away. Fhey faced the toughest choice of his life, he could only give home to one child. He picked F’Rhela, thinking that she would be accepted back better to Seekers of the Sun as she looked more like him. Rhin on the other hand, Fhey sent her to an orphanage in New Gridania (later Ywain, master of Lancers’ Guild, took her under his wings), but he made sure they would kept his wife’s last name, Lyehga so if they would ever lose contact with him and F’Rhela would be old enough she could find her easier.

Years passed and both girls grew up well, Rhin being bit more adventurous as she got recruited to Lancers Guild on early age. F’Rhela spend her time reading and helping take care the Bear clan’s kids. One day, Fhey returned from his normal hunting trip. He was mortally wounded, before he passed away he told F’Rhela that she had a twin sister some where in Eorzea and made her promise that she would find her. He told her the last name and where he had contacted the orphanage last.

Elders on the Bear clan insisted that before finding her sister F’Rhela would have to learn to defend herself. She has always been interested in magic so she chose to get trained as Thaumaturge.
She journeyed to city of Ul’dah and signed in to a Adventure’s Guild in a tavern called The Quicksand.
While signing in she noticed a familiar name, Lyehga, so she started asking around and found out that her sister had joined on the Grand Company called The Immortal Flames.
She asked from the grand company quartermaster about her and they said she was on a mission but would return in any day.
F’Rhela decided to wait and continue her Thaumaturge training.

One day after a long day questing around Thanalan F’Rhela came back and decided to have a drink and see if Rhin would have returned (she had left a note to the grand company quartermaster that whenever Rhin would return from her mission, she would have a quest waiting in The Quicksand).
She had picked a nice corner table where she would see all the travelers who came in, she also had a picture of her late mother who looked almost exactly like her sister.
And there she was, her sister. She sprang to her, introduced herself politely and explained what had happened.
sistersRhin was amazed and stunned at the same time, it felt like you were looking into a mirror but different.
F’Rhela told her about everything that had happened, about their father and why he had to make the decision to not raise Rhin also. They talked to 3am about their lives, what have they done so far, what they liked. Rhin was more experienced with dungeons and had adventures around the Eorzea, she even had her own chocobo to train and look after.
Turned out that only similarities they had were same greenish fur their mother had, same markings on their faces and both have odd eyes, even though F’Rhela’s eyes are exact opposite to Rhin’s.
They both of love reading, seeking adventures and love to chocobos but after those they are like, well, night and day.
Some of their differences are that that F’Rhela likes to keep her hair long, she relies to magic rather than smashing everything to pieces and she likes robes as much as Rhin likes to wear leggings / trousers. She also got her brownish skin after her father, being Seeker of the Sun and all and Rhin inherited their mother’s blueish skin from the Keepers of the Moon.

Even after all the differences and the fact they’ve never seen each others, they came along really well, it was like they were never apart.
Rhin felt that after completing her quest to become a Dragoon she would help out F’Rhela on her journey of becoming a Black Mage. It was start of an new adventure.sisters2I’m sorry of the super long post and thank you for reading all of it. I sometimes get cool ideas and then I feel the need of sharing them 😀

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  1. I love the backstory! A lot of my toons are siblings–in WildStar, I have a set of twins, and then another set of three toons that are siblings. 🙂 It makes storytelling (from my end, even if there’s no RP) a lot of fun!

    Also–your first screenshot reminds me of the Chris Pratt Jurrasic World picture where he’s taming raptors. XD

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I like creating sibling or friends or something, usually just for myself but I just felt I wanted to share this one 😀
      As for the pic, that was my goal so awesome that it shows! 😀 That was one of my favourite scenes in the movie 🙂

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